Kickboxing Kids

We have chosen a simple generic term “Kickboxing” to establish a basis for our children’s classes which train in a ‘Free style’ sport curriculum with an emphasis on competition development. We can guarantee our commitment to providing the class with a realistic ability to self-defense and/or as distinguished athletes as they grow older.

We do not teach this age group the complete traditional Martial art on the basis of the dangers encompassed in them such as open handed techniques and due to the child’s lose joints; applying ‘locks’ especially when working with more excitable children, could be detrimental or even dangerous. Training involves a simple period of fun in Martial Arts orientated skills to develop a child’s co-ordination, self-awareness and discipline. Each standard class lasts approximately ¾ hour which maintains the child’s attention.

Training is based on learning kicking and punching techniques to establish coordinated movement and motor skills. There is no contact in this class; a separate class for sparring is set aside for those more established members as an addition to the end of the session. All members involved in sparring are expected to wear safety equipment sanctioned by the Academy.

We encourage the attendance of parents/guardians only in the sparring class so that they can observe and share the responsibility of the sport with their child in the advancing stages.

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